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Craig Mod, of Flipboard: I became curious. What had we created? Poking around, I found: 997 design comps in a shared folder, 9,695 git commits, a bundle of notebooks full of sketches, and dozens of photographs from launch night. And so I asked myself a simple question: What does that weigh? Eight pounds. What? Eight […]

I like to use a handful of apps and services to create redundancy and take the best aspects of several applications for an ideal working environment. Sometimes an all-in-one solution really is better, but I think it is always worthwhile to at least consider adjusting your habits. For example, consider this neat trick from one Mr. […]

Greg Sandow is on a quiet mission. He wants to tell you that there are lot of things about classical music worth keeping around, and that it needs to stay alive. It’s a sea change that I’m seeing in the music industry, where we’re getting a lot of acts that are extensively influenced by classical […]

A few mornings ago, 52 entries in Frank Zappa’s catalog finally appeared in the iTunes store, bumping his digital sales presence way up to 79 albums. (62 were released during his lifetime, and 29 posthumously, for a grand total of 91). That said, about 48 records appeared in the store in 2005, only to be […]

We caffeinated citizenry of Ottawa are lucky enough to have our own special brand of brew, un-beholden to the char of ‘bucks nor the who-knows-what-they-put-in-that Timmies. Yes friends, I’m talking about Bridgehead. It’s no secret to those who know me personally that I’m a big fan. And recently, they opened their very own roastery at […]

John Gruber: When I make elaborate, detailed plans, I get too attached to the plans, too reluctant to break with them. Plans aren’t a product. I’m only effective when I’m working directly on a product. Lateral thinking.   (Via. Shawn Blanc)